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How to use this application How do you find the camera?
Move the app closer to any suspicious device you suspect. For example – shower, flower pot, glasses, window glass or dressing room mirror.
This hidden camera app analyzes the magnetic activity around the device. If the magnetic activity appears to be similar to the activity of the camera, the app will issue an alarm and give an alert for further investigation.
You can check more.
– Find a free hidden device in your hotel room, try the room, etc.
– New free application for tracking hidden camera
– Find the hidden camera or device with the best device tracking app.
– Discover the hidden camera app for Android users.
Hidden Camera Detector: Spy Hidden Camera 2019 is one of the best applications for detecting hidden cameras, infrared remote control test with magnetic sensor of the device to detect hidden cameras and microphones in hotels; Try rooms, malls, salons, etc. Many of the items in the mall that have been on display for some time now have spy cameras installed in their rooms and when people try to change clothes, they will make videos and open them to the market. Spy Camera Detector is free to download and has a host of amazing options for detecting hidden cameras and spy cameras. You can also use a hidden camera detector to find spy cameras or spy cameras in hotel rooms, locker rooms, etc.
This transparent spy camera easily catches the hidden camera and microphone. The Hidden Camera allows its users to detect only the spy camera and microphone using an Android phone. The hidden camera detector includes a spy camera or nanny camera and possibly a spy microphone, spy errors or special tips and tricks for detecting a hidden error. Rental homes have the option of having hidden cameras, so you do not have to worry about that, just open the nanny camera and find these hidden devices.
This Hidden Camera Detector: Hidden Spy Camera 2019 analyzes magnetic activity based on readings from the magnetic sensor of your Android device. The camera spy uses a magnetic field to detect the camera and because of this the readings vary, this is the range of sensors on different phones.
Depending on their length, material, and temperature, some types of metals can exhibit camera-like magnetic activity. In this case, the application may crash. But sometimes metals have very weak electromagnetism, so the app ignores it. There is a special way to find a nanny camera or spy camera on a spy camera. Infrared camera detector, hidden camera used to detect spy camera. Infrared Camera Detector, our Hidden Camera Detector app has transparent spy camera option.

Very simple interface
<> Main camera clip.
<> Special camera filter
<> Super camera detector
<> Hidden microphone detector
<> Find a magnetic field camera.
The camera detector detects the cameras.
Discover electronic devices hidden through their magnetic field.
Magnetic field detector
It helps all transparent camera detectors know without fear of spying.
<> Detects magnetism.
Discover the magnetic field.
<> Special camera detection filter

Get the Hidden Camera Detector: Hidden Camera Spy 2019 and find the hidden camera with Android and tablets.
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June 27, 2019
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Andrew 988 Strauss
May 29, 2021
This is a good and useful application to know the exact direction of the hidden camera. Works great. One of the best apps I would recommend to anyone. These are well-organized graphics.
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Google user
February 27, 2020
Do not be fooled by the comments, because from the text you can see that almost everyone is fake. This app does nothing and shows that it does not require permission at all, so how can it detect anything? Every time you use it, it only shows one ad and so the developer makes money. Welcome
268 people found this comment helpful
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