How to Earn Money from Snack Video in Pakistan 2023

How to Earn Money from Snack Video in Pakistan 2023

  Snackvideo is an Pakistani social media site that is like Tiktok that lets you make short films and then watch them which you may send to others. It’s as easy as uploading or recording your video using your smartphone’s gallery. Snack Video has a base of over 10 million active users around the world. Snack Video apps may be downloaded via either the Play Store and through the App Store to iOS and Android phones.

We can earn money by using snack video applications in Pakistan using a variety of methods which are easy and safe sources for income. But, you should go through the entire article to find out how you can earn money by consuming snake videos.

How to Earn Money from Snack Video in Pakistan 2023

This is a listing of the various strategies that will allow you to earn lots of money using this Snack Video App for Pakistan:

1. Benefits of signing up/registering

2. Bonus every day

3. Sponsorship

4. Create a New Account

5. Invite Friends

6. Sell Products

7. Competition Prizes

8. Content Exchange

Here is the explanation of the method to earn money by making snack videos on the internet in Pakistan:

The bonus for registration:

If you download an snack video and create an account for it, you’ll earn 200 points. If you download snack videos you’ll be able to enjoy or view videos. You can also create videos with a variety of templates and backgrounds. You are also able to recreate the dialogues from your favourite movies or characters.

Bonus every day

Another method of earning money is to earn money through snack video that is available in Pakistan because it provides our with bonus daily programs. You will be watching videos every day You will earn coins. Watch videos from breakfasts, transform videos and more.

The following is the way Daily Bonus is distributed: Daily Bonus is distributed:

+200 Coins on Day 1

+400 Coins on Day 2

+800 Coins on Day 3

+200 Coins on Day 4

+400 Coins on Day 5

+200 Coins on Day 6

+1599 Coins on Day 7

+2399 Coins on Day 14

+2999 Coins on Day 21

+3999 Coins on Day 30

Be sure to log into Snack Video daily to get your reward.

Uploading videos sponsored by companies to market their products or services is a great way to earn money. Snack Video is the newest platform that is taking the market on the block and all the major corporations would like their products to be featured in the platform. This is a lucrative chance for every video suppliers with their products on Snack Video.

Create an account.

Snack Video pays new users via two ways in order to encourage them to browse account and videos within the app. Snack Video also offers their new customers and users who use the app each day by watching two videos and earn coins every day you can follow two accounts and earn coins,

Invite Friends

Another way to earn money using Snack Video is to use your referral link and referral code for inviting friends for the Snack Video program. The URL may be located in the settings of the app. You may earn anything from 140 to Rs. 140 to Rs. 200 per referral for referrals when friends sign up to Snack Video using your referral code. Here are the terms of the invitation money which may be won by Snack Video: in inviting one friend, you’ll get: Rs. 90, on inviting three friends each: Rs. 570, upon inviting four Friends for a party: Rs. 760, upon inviting six friends six Friends: Rs. 1140, upon inviting seven Friends for inviting seven Friends: Rs. 1330. On inviting nine friends you will get: Rs. 1710

Your friends must use your referral links and the code provided by you in order to ensure you will receive the invitation money. The referral code is not valid and no money will be given to the person when the referral code isn’t utilized. It is possible to share invitation links via any social app such as WhatsApp and Instagram.

Sell Products

Snack Video is a versatile marketing tool that may be used to promote a range of products. After building a community, many users move into online sales. Electronics, clothes, jewelry and even services are some of the products offered through Snack Video in Pakistan.

Competition Rewards

Snack Video hosts many video competitions that are open to all registered users of Pakistan. You may get prizes ranging from simple T-shirts to costly gadgets such as iPhones by taking part in these contests.

Sharing Content

Share videos along with friends is a good method of earning money by using Snack Video. This could earn you as much as 1000 coins each day. This is the method to share the content:

Make sure to activate Snack Video app. Snack Video app.

Clicking at the symbol for the coin you will be able to access the menu of options.

Choose ‘Share activities with friends in your drop-down menu.

How do I redeem coins

You’ll be able to collect coins rather than rupees if you complete any of the activities listed above. These coins will be converted into rupees prior to 8 a.m. This allows you to use them to use all coins to be exchanged in rupees.

Procedure for withdrawing money via Snack video app

To take out money to withdraw money from the snack video Follow the steps below.

Click the button at the bottom right to access your profile.

Choose the top right corner icon to open options for the snack video app alternatives.

It is possible that you may at this point add a mobile contact number on your account.

Complete the information required to create the details of your Jazz Cash or Easypaisa account here.

Following that you have completed the process, a confirmation account will be issued to your number.

Input this code into the area you need Your phone number will be recorded.

From the drop-down menu, choose from the drop-down menu, select coins option.

In PKR the serial coins may be located here.

A new page will appear when you click on withdraw.

You can now make withdrawals anywhere between 25 and Rs. 25 and Rs. 1200 however, not more than this.

Snack Terms and Conditions

Earn money with a snack video from Pakistan using the following steps contain some terms and conditions which are listed below. It is recommended to follow these conditions and terms:

You can take out money anytime within 24 hours.

The next withdrawal will take place after one day.

Cash will be received within 3 days from the date of amount of the withdrawal.

You can only use jazz cash and the simple Paisa app in order to move money.

It is only able to be withdrawn in a certain amount.


This article explains the methods it is possible to earn money by watching snack videos from Pakistan. It outlines 8 steps by where we earn money by using coins. The procedure for redeeming coins is also included. For more details, please go to their website.

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