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There are various varieties available in the market of android mobile, and every company makes especial software for their android Model. These companies allow an android user to change its settings and install any apps in it but they did not allow changing default settings of any android mobile. Changing android mobile default settings is illegal but there are many android users want to customize their mobile fully. Through KingRoot apk you can get root access to your android mobile easily. You can change mobile whole settings that you want to change as you want to change your mobile text font style. you may like COINS MASTER MOD APK Download unlimited

These types of changes are possible through KingRoot access. King root access allows some applications to run on android mobile for change settings, for example, if we want to change the IMEI number of android mobile we should download the IMEI changer app from the play store but for its launching, this application installed and running position should be good. Here I have told you about its working with details. Also, discuss how to root android mobile with the latest version of KingRoot. Here some requirements for root android mobile devices.

  • Your KingRoot app installed and open
  • Mobile version 3.0 or above
  • 500MB Ram
  • Internet Access
  • The internal storage of android Mobile minimum 2GB

Mobile rooting can harmful to mobile software. But there are a lot of benefits that are making a user happy and also motivate for android customization

Remember for Rooting Mobile with KingRoot apk

  • Does after rooting your mobile software will work properly,? 1st of all judge this point
  • Mobile software can be damaged and may cause death that solution is only that flash your android mobile.
  • You can customize your mobile but didn’t know how much will you succeed and you will get that you need.
  • Before rooting you should know can you remove root after rooting your mobile because later maybe you dislike root.
  • Didn’t forgot after rooting your every step can be risky because if you remove any system app form your mobile you can’t restore it back.

Before rooting you should agree to these above conditions and requirements that will be able to root your android mobile with the KingRoot app for android.

How to Root Android Mobile KingRoot apk original latest version

KingRoot apk

Here is totally explained how to root an android mobile step by step. If any problem you have to face during this process you can ask me your questions in the comment section. Now follow bellows steps.

  • Download KingRoot Latest version form given download button
  • Now a popup will show that form Google paly protect that is asking you to do not install the harmful app in your mobile just click on install anyway button
  • Open installed KingRoot app

Rooting Process

For the rooting process, your mobile data should be on. And your internet speed is good for downloading the rooting files for mobile.

  • When you open KingRoot application it will check you mobile android version
  • Then new option will show try KingRoot
  • It will take some time to download some files from the internet
  • Your mobile may restart during the root process
  • At least I notification will show rooted successfully.

Feature of KingRoot original apk

There are many features in KingRoot. Here all are explained one by one with details and also I have written how they work.

Remove Ads from software

This application allows a user to remove advertisement form any app. During playing games or using other apps ads show and they effect bad of mobile use also cause hanging of application, but after rooting you can remove ads in just some steps easily.

Enhance Mobile Performance

After rooting your mobile, speed becomes good. You feel good while playing huge games. It just closes currently and background apps automatically. I hope you like this feature of KingRoot.

Remove System Apps

When mobile software designs their company installs many applications in it. Some applications are useful but some of them just part of android. We also dislike them and we can’t use them for our purpose that why these types of applications may be battery consuming, fill RAM memory. But you can Remove System Apps with KingRoot. These uninstalled apps can’t be back up.

Save Battery

This application is very useful mostly for those mobile that has low battery capacity. Because this application turns off background opened apps also stop all processes that running in the background or our real interface.

KingRoot also clears Ram and make Ram memory free as how much it can.

Take a backup of important data in Android Mobile

If you have some important data or APK data and you want to save it in internal storage you can take backup that can restore from saved location. Titanium Back up needs root permissions and used to take a backup of APK also. There is no need to install any more app.

Customize Android Mobile Using KingRoot apk

By using king root and other apps that run by root permission makes possible to customize android mobile easily. You can change every part of android software but every change needs especial software that runs by root permissions and made only for one purpose. As I already told has that for change Text font style we should have to install Fontfix application that allows the user to change text face in different kinds of fonts style.

In android customization, you can change apps to system apps. You can uninstall system apps. You can change the IMEI number of android devices. Mobile software can fully customize through KingRoot.

How to Check Mobile rooted or Not

If you face any problem are you in doubt that your mobile rooted successfully or not you

Can check you by the application that you can download from play store (Root Checker)

When you will open this app it will show in 1st interface that your mobile is rooted or not.


This article was written by Abdul Quddoos on official blog in this article, I have given the download button of KingRoot’s latest version. You also read how it works and it’s useful or not for our android mobile. What are the benefits and features in KingRoot? If you have liked this post and get some knowledge from this article kindly share it with your all friends. And keep visiting or official site for Latest Mod APKs. Thank you.


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