Multivendor shopping application in Afghanistan

Multivendor shopping application in Afghanistan

Do you want to work on online business? It is a chance for you.

Do you want to work online from your home?

It is a market for you.


Job Apply

For online shoping and buying is a greate chance if you want to busy on it.

If you want to get full imformation about this application read the article from start to end.

Someone search different type information about online business but can not understan it.

Buy it Sell it

Best shopping application for selling and buying product around Afghanistan you can sell and buy product very easily you can open your own shop and get started with new income from customers and get advantage of using it.

you can sell your product in single why from home or start selling refer products.

Ziri Ziri friends, register yourself in this Afghan app and get 300 Afghanis and every inviter gives 300 Afghanis, so hurry up and take advantage of this opportunity. If you don’t know, send a message. This is my referral code (6423438) if you give it when you register your account, you get 300 afghanis and 300 afghanis to me. Hurry up and click on the link below and download the app.

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This is link for application click on the link or click on the belove download button just wait for downloading

Dear brothers, through the application, you can trade online in your city, village and market. First, an account is created here. Once you create an account through someone’s link, you will be given 300 afghanis and the other party will also be given 300 afghanis. Both of them benefit from it, so you can install it on your mobile right now and create an account to use it.

How to create an account?

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What are the requirements to create an account?

How is the shop created?

Is creating an account free? yes

Where can we create an account?

First, click on the download button below to download the application, then click on creating a new account, here you will enter your phone number, you will enter a password, you will enter your current location, you will enter your province, you will submit it, after that you have created an account.


To create an account, you need to get your phone number, code, country and location.

How to create a shop Click on the shop, click on the shop string, give your name, give your phone number, your location will be taken, and finally, you will give your home photos and say update, and your profile will be updated.


Creating an account in this app is absolutely free.

Also creating a shop is free.

You can create an account in Afghanistan.

Dear friends if you have any question about technical you can share with us in comment section drop your queation as comment it will possible we give you response. Thank for reading the article we will share another good article witj you.


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