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Top 5 Apps to Monitor for WhatsApp on iOS, Android Devices

It is a WhatsApp messaging app is freeware and cross-platform app that lets you send texts messages as well as video calls, voice calls and various kinds of documents. Whatsapp is among the most efficient methods of communicating with your loved ones. You require a steady internet connection in order to use whatsApp. If you’re a parent, you will requirement to keep track of your child’s WhatsApp activities with a the spy app. If you’re searching for the most effective surveillance app to monitor WhatsApp messages then there are many choices. In this article, we’ll give you the top 5 most effective WhatsApp Tracking Apps.

Top 5 Apps to Monitor for WhatsApp on iOS, Android Devices 2023

PanSpy is the most popular WhatsApp spyware application that provides accurate logs of messages and the time of messages. It is among the most sophisticated applications that is used to analyze WhatsApp messages and also monitoring phone calls it has effective and reliable surveillance features for all types of data on the device of choice. It permits you to monitor mobile phone call records, messages contact information, browsing history websites, bookmarks on websites as well as social networks such as Snapchat GPS location, Snapchat, and more.

Mspy Whatsapp Spy App for iPhone Android

Compatibility: It’s made available to Android 5.0plus.

Cost: Free!

Features Contacts and Call Logs Snapchat Line, text messages Geo fencing, GPS locations and Video files, browser history, Emails, Calendar, Voice, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Tinder, Messenger, Instagram, Kik Messenger, Hangouts, QQ, WeChat, Keywords, Installed Apps, Keylogger Wi-fi networks, documents Clue.


Free software

Notifies the target device on the device of the target

The user-friendly interface is easy to use and allows for the ability to change your device at any time

No need to root


At present, only available for Android device

The app requires to be installed on the device to be used

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2. iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is the ultimate monitor app to monitor your iOS as well as Android devices. It is extensively utilized as an Parental control app on iPhone, iPad and Android that tracks your surroundings, WhatsApp messages, calls and clipboards messages, voice messages pictures, videos SMS, GPS, Geo-fencingand chats, as well as websites Keystrokes, screenshots, disables games and apps and restricts screen time.

Ikeymonitor whatsapp app to spy app

Compatibility: It’s fully compatible with Android as well as iOS.

Price: $49.99 per month, $299.88 per year.

The features of this package are including NO-Jailbreak spy, Distreet, Remote Configuration, Remotely view messages online, logs SMS Messages, Call history Keystrokes Logger screen capture, SMS messages, Screenshots of actions taken, websites that were visited, WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, Skype, Viber, Hike, IMO, Line, QQ, Kik Hangouts Voice messages Recording calls (Android) and Listen to for your surroundings, Block Apps/Games Geo-fencing, GPS Locations photos and videos, Clipboard calendars, notes, and calendars and Logs to email/FTP. Keystrokes in native languages and Tamper Proof after expiration


View WhatsApp messages and view attachments that are sent with them.

It is extremely simple to utilize and can be used to track multiple devices and app activities at the same time.

It is possible to install it on the device to be targeted and then continue to function without the knowledge of the device’s owner.


It’s not cheap and the trial is limited in use to a small number of features

Doesn’t work with an Internet connection

It’s not as efficient as other tools.

3. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is an affordable and user-friendly spyware app available for Android as well as iOS devices. After installation, the app will record any activity that happens on a device , and then report direct to your account online. It includes everything to do with messages, calls messages to emails. Explore the media and pictures on your child’s mobile and keep note of the number of messages and messages. You can keep track of the incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages. Furthermore, it sends periodic messages logs to your account , it allows you to view messages which may be deleted.

Highster mobile whatsapp app spy app

Compatibility With: Compatible with Android devices as well as iOS.

Price: Highster Mobile is available in a premium-only version with a one-time fee for $69.99 to purchase a life-time subscription

Features in this version Features for this version include Text Messages, iMessages Remote Access Check apps Installed, Stealth Camera, Block Applications, GPS Location, Contact Logs and Web Activity Online Control Panel, Facebook, Skype, Instagram, Whatsapp Photos, Videos, Email, Contacts, Remote Uninstall to lock the target phone Notes and Calendar


There is no jailbreak needed for iPhone. It is among the full tracking and spy software on the internet.

The entire process of Highster Mobile is easy, including the cost, features, user interface and software installation. You know it all.


It missed some WhatsApp conversations during the trial, this is the biggest flaw given its use for tracking messages

4. TruthSpy

TruthSpy offers powerful features. With TruthSpy you can access all WhatsApp messages of an individual and also view attachments included with it. Contrary to other monitoring tools that are available, the primary goal is the primary goal of the WhatsApp spyware app is to allow parents to be aware of what happens on WhatsApp and Snap-chat activity of their children.

Truthspy app

Compatibility: It works both Android as well as iOS.


Standard Version $21.99/month (this Version does not allow spying on WhatsApp chats)

Premium Version: $25.99/month

Gold Version: $30.99/month

Standard Version Features Standard version: Location Tracking, SMS Tracking, View the Call History and View History Deleted, Time of the call, wipe phone data Backup Phone Data SIM Change Notification

The Premium version comes with features like GPS Tracking, Location Tracking and View Call History View Call History Deleted History, Time of the call Contact, History of Internet Browsing, Videos audios, photos Notes, Whatsapp Chats and wipe Phone Data and Backup Phone Data and SIM Change Notification

Features available for the Gold version include including: Location Tracking, SMS Tracking View Call History, View Call History that has been deleted, the time of the call Call Recording Contact, Internet Browsing History, Videos audios, photos notes, WhatsApp Chats Surround Recording and Wipe Phone Data. Backup Phone Data SIM Change Notification


It is also possible to view the Snapchat as well as WhatsApp messages directly on your intended device.

It works in stealthy background.

Free trial of 48 hours. Its WhatsApp messages features work well on iPhone.


A lot of features are only accessible in premium versions, which cost a lot.

The app is not perfect, but it has a few minor bugs as well as some functional issues.

5. Copy9

Copy9 is another fantastic WhatsApp spyware app available for iOS as well as Android devices that allows users to keep watch on their children’s activities. It comes with a variety of monitoring features that allow you to keep track of WhatsApp messages and chats, but also messages as well as read messages in text messages and social media messages such as Facebook. It gathers all data and records it in logs, then transmits the data messages to the online account constantly.

Copy 9

Compatibility It is compatible to the Android along with the iOS operating systems.


Standard Version: $21.6/month

Premium Version: $25.9/month

Gold Version: $30.2/month

Standard Version Features including Call History Watchlist Contacts, Auto answer, text messages All Outgoing and Incoming SMS Watchlist Words to SMS View deleted SMS/iMessages, Real-Time Search for Location View History Locations of Places Geo Fencing Places Watchlists and Wipe Phone Data SIM Change Notification Remotely Lock Phone Backup/Delete all sensitive data

Premium Version Features: Call history, call recording , Watchlist contacts, auto answer All SMS that are outgoing or inbound Watchlist words for messages, View deleted SMS/iMessages Real-Time Location Lookup View History of Places Viewed Geo Fencing – Geo Fencing The Watchlist of Places is defined. Locations, View History of Internet Browsing Bookmarks photos, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber Skype Messages, Clean the phone’s data, SIM Change Notification Remotely Lock Phone Backupand Delete all sensitive data

Features available for the Gold version Call History Call recording Watchlist Contacts, Auto Answer All Incoming/Outgoing SMS Watchlist words for SMS, View deleted messages/iMessages, Real-Time location Search, View History of Location Places Geo Fencing Places Watchlists View the Internet for Browsing History Bookmarks and Photos, Videos Notes WhatsApp, Facebook ,Viber, Skype Messages, Hangouts, BBM History, Line Kik Messages. audio recordings and live, wipe the Phone’s Data, SIM Change Notification, Remotely Secure Phone, Backupand Delete All Sensitive Data


Monitor WhatsApp messages with no installation it on the the target phone

It is also possible to monitor WhatsApp messages including full details of the group or contacts from or to which the message was delivered or received


It was not working on every or every Android model

Features that are only available Only on Rooted Android devices: WhatsApp Chats, WhatsApp Call Logs, WhatsApp Photos, Facebook Messenger Viber Messages, Viber Call Logs and Viber Photos. Skype Messages Skype Calls Skype Contacts Kik Messenger Line Messages and Live Screenshots


PanSpy is without doubt the most effective spyware application for smartphones that can track WhatsApp for both iOS as well as Android devices. It’s easy to install, quick to use, secure and undetectable. It is also affordable and customer service is exceptional.

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