Why Do Bloggers Fail As Writer Ultimate Reason Explained

Top fears of bloggers that makes them fail as writers
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Top fears of bloggers that makes them fail as writers

Have you ever ask yourself this question. Why do blogers fail? What is it really that makes bloggers fail as writers? 

Certainly, if you where  to give a vague answer. That will be mistakes that they do.

Isn’t that vague enough to accept as the least explained reason?

I know as you are reading this article now. Your major question you want answered is. What are those mistakes that makes bloggers fail as writers?

That’s the question you want answer to after reading this article. Don’t worry I got your back covered.

This is why bloggers fail?

Every failure begins with a reason. Even though those reasons can always be prevented from existing. Fears is a major enemy of a writer. That is why when you fear as a blogger it can make you to fail as a writer.

Why do bloggers fail

Fear is something that comes to us when will loss confidence in ourselves. The fears of bloggers that makes them fail as writers as each day passes by, is the fear to toy all day blogging without earning something meaningful to make a living out of. 

Sometimes it dawn on us, as if we are wasting our precious time writing something no one would ever care to read about. Even though this is not true. 

It is only a nightmare that exist in our brain and can never become a reality if we don’t give it a chance to manifest.

But the funny question is. Why do we fall deeply for this ill believe? Is it that writing is about traumatizing one’s self. In the pretext of putting something useful to educate our readers.

That’s actually what I want to talk about in this article now. So lets uncover those fears why bloggers fail as writers.

#1.  Fear of not being accepted as a good writer

As a writer when you begin to nurture the fear that you will not be accepted for who you are. You may definitely end up being a rejected writer.

Why does this happens?

Too much of negative thoughts lingering in our head as writers. Instead of focusing on taking meaningful actions. You need courage to succeed as a writer.

When you are courageous. Your courage helps you to stay inspired to bring out the best but when you are emotionally down. It is more likely that you won’t be able to create something realistic and worth appreciating by your readers.

This happens because your emotionally feelings pops up clearly in your writing tone. A happy minded writer write cheerfully and confidently. Why an emotionally defeated writer write in a confuse manner.

So this becomes the main reason your feeling of never being accepted becomes a reality.

The reason for this ill reality is your poor emotional state as a writer. It has nothing to do with the real you.

#2.  Fear of not having enough good ideas about a topic.

The real you as a blogger is a zealous writer with passion for writing. But when fear set in. You begin to develop the feeling that you are not intelligible enough to write about that topic you want to write about.

Developing good ideas about a topic isn’t a magic strategy. It all happens as a  result of your good exposure to useful and educative materials. 

So whenever you feel stuck on what to write about a topic. The first thing that should pop up into your head is to start googling about that very topic.

Read all the article you can set your eyes on. And you will begin to feel more confident in yourself to write about that topic. 

#3.  Putting yourself through self criticism syndrome.

One thing that most failed bloggers do is to put themselves through self criticism syndrome. I myself  have being once a victim of this very reality. 

When I starting my blog. I have always have this feeling that my writing is poor. So I keep on trying to perfect my writing even when I don’t  even know what is missing in there.

I keep disturbing myself over nothing. Until I started sharing my articles on social media, and also come up with the ideas of asking a friend to read through my piece carefully and give me some recommendation to improve it.

Surprising to me, the response I got was so fascinating and awesome. Almost everyone that read my article gave me a good remark. And that is how I discover that this principles to eliminate writers block works wonders.

Ever since then I have always stick to those practice and my writing skills has being in a growing pace to success.

#4.  Always procrastinating instead of taking action.

This very one is a slow killer of your writing skills as a blogger. Procrastination can make you fail even when yo have all the potentials to succeed. 

The reason is time wait for nobody. If you want to be successful as a writer. You must keep to proper timing. You must defeat those fears that makes bloggers to fail as writers. 

But when you fail to keep to timing and also taking necessary actions when you should.

There is no magic involve. The truth is you are preparing to fail as a writer because when you fail to plan you plan to fail. 

If you must succeed as a writer you must keep to time and take reasonable action at the right time.

#5.  Wanting to perfect everything in other to avoid critics.

I have always being a victim of this one during my first month of starting up my blog. This isn’t a matter to joke about. 

I spent close to two months thinking what best to write about. Until I realize I just need to start somewhere if I really want to start.

It isn’t just funny but this is the reality. That most newbie blogger make to exist that is never real. Wanting to perfect everything in other to avoid critics isn’t the way to go as a writer.

If you really want to be successful you must know that failure is always part of every successful man on earth. Be  it in your writing career or any profession at all.

If you don’t want to fail. You will always find yourself avoiding risk and wallowing in the same failure you fear to look in the eye an conquer.

#6.  Believing you are not good in expressing your view.

As a newbie writer you might not no that your believe form the bedrock of your success couple with serious hardwork.

When you harbor the believe that you are not good in expressing your view. You will find it difficult to present those wonderful ideas to your audience. 

you should know that no one is perfect. So you should hinder yourself with the guilt of never being understood. It is better you express your view and get 10 persons to understand you than keep it to yourself and let it die off your memory without ever being notice by anyone.

#7.  Always viewing others work as superior to your’s.

You should know that you are the original version of yourself. And your work is the best of you. Don’t condemn those wonderful ideas of your’s.

Poor writers always love other peoples work more than they do to theirs. They want to write the same way that successful blogger in there niche is writing. But they never stop to think. 

Why is anybody not writing the same way I do?

Merely answering this question will help you understand better. Why bloggers fail as writer?

If you have ever stop by and ask yourself that question. You will realize that you can only be the best when you appreciate the best in you.

Give it a chance to be read and appreciated by someone. You can’t tell whom that wonderful ideas of yours will appeal to perfectly.

#8.  Thinking about ideas always but never trying it out.

Failed bloggers has this challenges in common. They think more than they act. Unsuccessful writers loves to dream about great success, but they do not do anything to achieve them.

They are so hook in there everyday dreaming life. That they keep on thinking about wonderful ideas that they will never give a chance to transform there life.

#9. Writing with no goal in  mind.

Poor writers do not set goals before writing. Because they do not know exactly what they really want.

They are so consciously ignorant to the extent that they believe they can accomplish a huge job within a twinkle of an eye.

Because they feel everything they want to do is very simple they ignore the part of setting up a plan to follow to keep themselves focus. As a result of this they tend to always loose focus in what they are doing.

Over to You

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