How to change any video background [3DLUT mobile Apk Download]

Ever dreamed of transforming your home video into a tropical paradise or a bustling cityscape? With the magic of 3DLUT mobile apps, changing video backgrounds is no longer a feat reserved for professional editors. This comprehensive guide empowers you, whether a seasoned videographer or a curious beginner, to unlock the creative potential of background replacement and elevate your video editing game.

What is Background Replacement with 3DLUT Mobile Apps?

3DLUT (3D Look Up Table) mobile apps offer a convenient and portable solution for color grading and enhancing your videos. These apps leverage LUTs (Look Up Tables) – digital files containing color correction information – to apply specific color styles and effects to your footage. But some 3DLUT mobile apps go beyond color correction, offering the remarkable ability to replace video backgrounds entirely, opening a world of creative possibilities.

How Does Background Replacement Work in 3DLUT Mobile Apps?

While specific steps might differ slightly between apps, the general process follows a similar flow:

  1. Launch the App: Locate the 3DLUT mobile app icon and tap to open it.
  2. Access Video Editing Features: Navigate the app’s interface to find the video editing section. This might be located in the main menu or accessible by tapping on a designated video file.
  3. Select Your Video: Choose the video you want to edit by tapping on it within the app’s library.
  4. Access Background Settings: Locate options labeled “Background” or “Effects” within the editing interface. Tapping on this opens the background customization tools.
  5. Choose a New Background: Explore the app’s selection of pre-installed backgrounds or LUTs (Look Up Tables). Some apps also allow importing your own custom backgrounds stored on your device.

Here’s the exciting part!

  • Pre-Installed Backgrounds: Many apps provide a library of diverse backgrounds, ranging from natural landscapes (think sandy beaches or lush forests) to abstract textures and urban environments. Choose the one that best complements your video’s theme and style.
  • Custom Backgrounds: Unleash your creativity by importing your own images or videos as backgrounds. This opens doors to unique and personalized video aesthetics. Imagine transforming a simple home video into a fantastical dreamscape using your own custom background!
  1. Apply the New Background: Once you’ve selected your desired background, confirm your choice by tapping the “Apply” or “Save” button. The app will process the edits and display a preview, showcasing your video with the new background seamlessly integrated.

Pro Tip: Experiment with different backgrounds and adjust the opacity to achieve a natural and aesthetically pleasing blend between your subject and the new background.

  1. Save and Export: Review your edited video. If satisfied, save and export the final version using the dedicated buttons within the app. Choose your preferred output format and quality settings before exporting the video for further sharing or storage.

Features of 3DLUT Mobile Apps

Beyond background replacement, 3DLUT mobile apps offer a range of features to enhance your video editing experience. Here’s a breakdown of some key functionalities:

  • Color Grading: Apply professional-looking color correction with a variety of pre-sets or create your own custom LUTs for a distinct visual style.
  • Filters and Effects: Enhance your videos with artistic filters, special effects, and transitions to add personality and visual interest.
  • Exposure and Contrast Adjustments: Fine-tune the brightness, contrast, and other exposure settings for optimal visual clarity.
  • Video Trimming and Cutting: Edit your video clips by trimming unwanted sections and arranging them for a cohesive flow.
  • Text Overlays and Titles: Add titles, captions, and text overlays to provide context and information within your video.
  • Audio Editing: Adjust audio levels, add background music, and incorporate sound effects for a complete audio experience. (Note that the availability and extent of audio editing features may vary between apps.)

Remember, these are just some of the common features. Explore the specific app you choose to discover its unique functionalities and editing tools.

Pros of Using 3DLUT Mobile Apps for Background Replacement

Convenience and PortabilityEdit your videos on the go, right from your smartphone or tablet. No bulky editing software or expensive hardware required.
User-Friendly InterfaceMany 3DLUT mobile apps boast intuitive interfaces designed for ease of use, even for beginners.
Creative FreedomReplace backgrounds and experiment with color grading to create unique and visually stunning videos.
Cost-EffectiveNumerous free and freemium 3DLUT mobile apps offer background replacement features, making professional-looking edits accessible to everyone.


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